Monday, May 09, 2005

Technical Terminology in Urdu

Just noticed that the Urdu Wiki has put together a list of Urdu translations/equivalents of the words we use in the course of our interaction with technology
(انگریزی اصطلاحات کا اردو ترجمہ)

A must-read! I hope Asif Iqbal (father of the Urdu Wiki) will keep this keep this live and evolving. And take input.


Nabeel said...

Did you know that you can also contribute to this list or for that matter to any topic on Urdu Wiki. You just need to register, it takes no time, not even a confirmation mail. Thereafter you can start editing any page by simply double clicking on it. Just make sure to select a WikiName for registration i.e. this should be two or more words joined together with each word starting with a capital letter. Examples are AsifIqbal, NabeelNaqvi, DanialAhmed etc.

Anonymous said...

The main listed on your blog should read,

Urdu hay jis ka nam hamii jantay hayN dagh instead of ham jantay hayN dagh.