Monday, January 10, 2005

Urdu ke Rahnuma

Before posting any commentary on my favorite shers, ghazals and nazms on this blog, I would like to quote some shers written in the praise of Urdu. I will start with a sher from Altaf Husain Hali. It says:

Shahad-va-shakkar se shiirii.n urduu zabaa.N hamaarii
hotii hai jis ke bole miThii zubaa.N hamaarii

The meaning of this couplet is that Urdu is a language which is sweeter than sugar and honey and even the tongue becomes sweet when we speak urdu. Such was Hali's love for the language.

Daagh Dehlvi, too considered urdu as the most lovable language of the world. According to him:

Urdu hai jis kaa naam hamii jaante hain "Daagh"
saare jahaa.N mein dhoom hamaarii zubaan kii hai

Another great poet of his time - Akbar Allahabadi went to the extent of saying:

Apne mahbuub kii Khaatir thaa Khudaaa ko ma.nzuur
Varnaa quraan bhii utartaa ba-zabaan-e-urdu

This couplet dares to say that:
Had it not been for God's loving messenger
Quran, too, would have been sent down in urdu

There are many such ghazals/shers which glorify the sweet and poetic language called urdu. But for now, I'll like to wind up only to come back with another interesting post on this blog.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Urdu - a language which unites

A language is used by people to communicate with other human beings. Most of the languages in this world developed within particular communities but some languages developed to facilitate interaction between some very diverse communites. These communities didn't have any common thing in language and culture. The communities were Mongols, Mughals, Afghans, Persians, Aryans, Dravedians and some othercommunities based in the great Indian sub-continent. The language which I am talking about is URDU.

Urdu is a language which paved the way towards unification of world's most diverse civilisations and formed the basis of development of one of the world's richest literature and culture.

This Blog is dedicated to Urdu, Hindustan and all those who contributed to the language which unites.