Wednesday, May 11, 2005

وُہ تیرے نصیب کی باریشیں۔۔۔

I apologise to English readers for the pure Urdu heading, but this is too profound...

Often because of the role they have played in one's life at some stage, some pieces of literature, especially poetry, have such strong resonance in one's life, that whenever they reappear, they have a very strong effect. This just happened to me when I realized that just such a "musalsal ghazal" is now available as an e-card:

You can go to to send e-cards in Urdu—including this one.

I will try to do a translation as soon as I can. Just let me recover from finding this online. I have forgotten the poet; who is it?

PS, May 12: The ghazal is from Amjad Islam Amjad.


Qais said...

I tried opening the link but the page sensed my curiousity and never opened. So, kindly send me this very poem, if possible.

Unknown said...

It worked for me. Please try again and let me know.