Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Wikis and an Encyclopedia in Urdu

I just found a wiki in Urdu:


It also provides information about blogging in Urdu. For those who are not following this, there is a very large community of bloggers in Farsi/Persian--it's a largest single community in one language besides English or something—and it will be wondeful to see people blog more in Urdu, too. The languages are very close in script and other such technicalities, so we should be able to build on their achievements.

BTW, I never tire of saying this: The Wikipedia community has also set up an encyclopedia in Urdu. Everyone can and should participate; it should be a wonderful way to engage the Urdu-speaking community and Urdu lovers with the Internet and help the collection and growth of knowledge in Urdu. In case you want the address for that directly, it is at:


(Here's a link to the entry on my personal blog on this topic.)


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AJ said...

Does anyone know how many encyclopedia are available in Urdu in print format. The Shahkar encyclopedia seems to be the largest one. The same people have also published Islami encyclopedia in Urdu.