Wednesday, February 09, 2005

History of Urdu

I found the following item on a mailing list populated mainly by South Asian writers. i am assuming the documentary is on Discovery Channel in India. Can someone follow up and tell us what they think of it? Where can we get copies to see?

A two hour documentary on the HISTORY OF URDU,
made by Sohail Hashmi (Concept Research and
Script), Subhash Kapoor (Direction) and Kaamna
Prasad (Producer) is going to be telecast on
Discovery Channel on 19th of February (1 hour)
and 26th of February (1 hour) between 8.00 pm
-9.00 pm (IST).

In case you get Discovery in Hindi please ask
your cable operator to give you the English Feed.
Discovery took the English version from us and
got it dubbed in Hindi, the Hindi version is
most likely to destroy the series, because their
Hindi Dubbing department is the pits. We had
offered them the Hindustaani version but they
took the English version and the dubbing
department has, in all probability, killed the

Please watch the two one hours and send me your
reactions. This is something that has been a
labour of love and I would dearly like to have
your reactions.

Sohail Hashmi
Delhi 110 092


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