Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Soulful Prayer

Lab pe aati hai dua...

lab pe aatii hai duaa banke tamannaa merii
zindagii shammaa kii surat ho Khudaayaa merii

duur duniyaa kaa mere dam a.Ndheraa ho jaaye
har jagah mere chamakne se ujaalaa ho jaaye

ho mere dam se yuu.N hii mere watan kii ziinat
jis tarah phuul se hotii hai chaman kii ziinat

zindagii ho merii parwaane kii surat yaa rab
ilm kii shammaa se ho mujhko mohabbat yaa rab

ho meraa kaam Ghariibo.n kii himaayat karnaa
dard-ma.ndo.n se zaiifo.n se mohabbat karnaa

mere allaah buraaii se bachaanaa mujhko
neyk jo raah ho us raah pe chalaanaa mujhko

One of the masterpieces by Allama Iqbal includes the nazm which goes - "Lab pe aati hai dua ..." It is a kind of dua (prayer) which asks God to bless us with some beautiful things like love for the entire world, love for one's country, love for knowledge that becomes a blessing for the entire mankind and lastly, compassion for all human beings.
No reason why this nazm can't be adopted by a reputed school like Doon School , Dehradun, India, for the morning prayer. Have a look at the web site of The Doon School which also has the English interpretation of this nazm.
This soulful nazm has been sung by melodious but a little unheard singer - Siza Roy. It is a part of famous ghazal singer Jagjit Singh's album - Cry for Cry.

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