Thursday, August 17, 2006

DD Urdu: Der Aaye, Durust Aaye

UkN had earlier mentioned about Doordarshan's plan of starting a 24 hour Urdu news channel in India. And finally, the channel has been unveiled.

On the eve of India's 59th independence day, the country's Punjabi/Urdu speaking (as he's a migrant from Pakistan) prime minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, officially announced the launch of DD Urdu, the 24 hour Urdu news channel.

The launching of this channel will definitely give fresh breaths to this beleaguered language, and will also prove to be élan vital for Urdu media which many thought is dying in India.

Urdu ke Naam wishes DD Urdu all the very best.

Click for news report:

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Unknown said...

I doubt Manmohanji can be described as a "migrant"? He's either an "immigrant" or a "refugee".

In Pakistan, at least some of us elite-types prefer "immigrant" (which translates to "Muhajir") and not "refugee" ("pahaahgeer")...

حجرت کرنے میں اور پناھ لینے میں بھوت فرۡ ھے!

AJ said...

Excellent. Lets hope that the venture is successful but at the same time lets hope that it does not lead to "digital ghettoization" of Urdu.

Anonymous said...

salam janab, Urdu is the language of nations but it is alone in it's home only. Now DD has promised to start Urdu channel, we welcome it. While talking about manmohan singh he is nice man,do u know his speech of 15th aug as prime minister was in Urdu script.
i m a poet and writer and used to publish my writings on my blog

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Is there a website? Streaming? YouTube clips?