Friday, April 28, 2006

Photo: Urdu University

A front view of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), the sole Urdu University of India - and one of the biggest institutions of Urdu in the Indian Sub Continent. Prof.A.M.Pathan is currently the vice chancellor of the University.

The University is situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad, India.
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Anonymous said...

I did not know about thanks..but what does it actually do?have courses on Urdu? and do u know the strength of students ?does it have a website?

Such places definitely need more promotion and more publicity. Sometimes I just wonder whether its the lack of interest which makes such institutions obscure or is it that these institutions are so obscure that the interest has waned?

Manzoor Khan said...

It's a full fledge "central university" aided by the Govt. of India. It has courses ranging from the regular MAs to MBA, to Women Studies, and soon coming up with an Engineering college as well; and yes, all in Urdu.

The University has a huge campus in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

The website:

urdudaaN said...

I had been planning to study social sciences while working as a IT professional having completed my Engineering in Comp. Sc.

I was considering either doing a B.A. (urdu) from this university or pursue journalism, both through distance learning.

Complaints about this university's utter 'sarkari', lethargic & irresponsible attitude in urdu newspapers made me opt for journalism, since I was not in a position to ignore those allegation.

Unknown said...

Hmmmm...Very Nice Blog!

but the funny thing is that except for that shair on the top left hand corner...Nothing is in URDU ! None of the blog entries and stuff....What's up with that ???

Just wondering....

Anonymous said...

It is very good to have URDU University because URDU has Definitely proved that it one of the mostIMPORTANT, INTERESTING, WONDERFUL,EASY & EXCELLENT LANGUAGE.It is also a Raabta ki Zuban (Lingua Franca).We suggest that,in view of International IMPORTANCE of URDU,there should be hundreds of Grand URDU Universities & Libraries all over the World.We are all the time trying to PROMOTE URDU all over the WORLD. Syed Saghier Ahmad Jafri , Sabiha Saba ,

Manzoor Khan said...

Dear رنگ حيات,

Thanks for visiting our space and expressing your thoughts.

Actually, you are not the first person to raise this concern as to this blog being almost in Urdu.

I'd request you to have a look at the following comment:, and then the following post:


Manzoor Khan said...

Mea Culpa!

Actually, you are not the first person to raise this concern as to this blog being almost in ENGLISH...