Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Urdu Legal Aid Booklets

Global Media Publications, New Delhi, has embarked on the task of facilitating basic awareness and education about legal rights to marginalized people who may not read English and may not have access to legal help. These booklets are in Urdu and are the first of their kind in the language. It is worth noting in this regard that no Muslim organization has hitherto translated and published legal rights books in Urdu, which is the language spoken by a very large section of Muslims in India. The same is the case with other vernacular languages that are spoken by other Muslims living in different states in India.

Global Media Publications has recently brought out the following legal aid books in Urdu which explain the law, legal rights and procedures to secure justice in a simple manner and in easily understandable Urdu:

1. Aapke Huqooq (Your Rights)
2. Tez Raftar Samaat Ka Haq (Right to Speedy Trial)
3. Mafad-e Amma Ka Muqadma (Public Interest Litigation)

They also published some similar books earlier, which are still available:

1. Muslim Idaaron Ke Liye Qanooni Rahnumayi (Legal Guidance for Muslim Organizations)
2. Police, Ikhtiyarat Aur Hudood (Police, Rights and Limits)
3. FIR Aur Mutalliqa Qawaneen (First InformationReports and Related Rules)
4. Giriftar Kiye Jane Par Aapke Huqooq (Your Rights on Being Arrested)

For detailed information, the publisher can be contacted at:

Global Media Publications
J-51-A, 1st Floor, AFE,
Jamia Nagar
New Delhi-110025
Tel: 9818327757

The inputs for the above post are taken from a mail sent to one of the yahoogroups (fdr_amu) by Yoginder Sikand. His articles can be read in e-newsletters like Qalandar and He can be contacted at

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editor said...

That's good information. Provided, people take note of it, buy these books, read them and distribute.