Friday, June 24, 2005

Urdu Adab - New Magazine from Toronto

From Munir Saami Saahab in Toronto:
Hello Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I advise you about the launch of Urdu Adab, a distinguished literary magazine from Canada.

We are committed to promote Urdu writers of quality in Diaspora, and to provide interaction with the mainstream literature both in the west and the Urdu speaking world.

The editorial committee consists of:

Editor In charge : Abid Jafri, Editor : Munir Saami, Managing editor Anis Farooqui, and members of editorial committee , Nuzhat Siddiqui, Muslim Hasany, and Kaleem Zafar.

We have dedicated the maiden issue of our magazine to the memory of distinguished Urdu poet, Jon Elia.

The contributors to first issue include, Jon Elia, Asif Farrukhi, Kaleem Zafar, Anis Farooqui, Muneeb ur Rehman, Irfana Aziz, Javed Yusf, Shaheen, Syed Taqi Abdi, Khalid Sohail, Ishrat Afreen, Humera Rehman, Shehla Naqvi, Nuzhat Siddiqui, Javed Danish, Zamir Ahmad, Iftikhar Hyder, Abida Karamat, Muslim Hasany, Munir Saami, Karamt Ghori, Rahim Anjan, and Abid Jafri, Dr. Baidar Bakht, and Peerzada Salman.

The magazine also carries a painting by Javed Yusuf depicting a verse from Sauda, and its translation by Hifzul Kabir Qureshi. Title of books by Nuzaira Azam, Jon Elia, and Zamir Ahmad are also displayed.

The editorial committee acknowledges the financial support of, Afsar Naqvi, Bashir Abdul Samad, Dr, Baidar Bakht, Pavneet Arora, Javed danish, Javed Yusuf, Rais Iftikhar, Syed Hussain Rizvi, Zamir Ahmad, Dr, Tahir Qazi, Arif Raza, Abbas Syed, Qazi Irfan Ashraf, and Mansoora Qazi.

In launching this magazine we promise the same standards that we have delivered to you in the management of the Writers Forum group.

To obtain your personal copy you may contact me and we will appreciate if you could also send a money order of C$ 5 only to cover the postage and handling.

We also invite contributions of high standards.

Thanks and best regards. Munir Saami

Here are the cover and Urdu announcement (click on either to see a larger version):

Urdu Adab Cover

Urdu Adab Announcement



Anonymous said...

mubarakbaad. ek khubsurat,aur khubseerat rasala ke ijra ke liye.
dukh is baat ka hai, ki main shaamil nhi hun.aap ne zara bhi likha hota, to main bhi is haseen humare ka ek hissa hota

Manzoor Khan said...
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Manzoor Khan said...

Main Akela hee chala tha, Jaanib-e-Manzil Magar
Humsafar miltey gaye, Aur Kaarvaan banta gaya

All alone I took the vagrant path towards my destined goal,
But people kept joining me, and it became a caravan.

-- Majrooh Sultanpuri

Good luck, Urdu Adab.

~~ Manzoor Khan

Unknown said...

Manzoor, shouldn't that be:

I started towards the destination alone
But fellow seekers (of that end) appeared, and soon a caravan formed.

Not a big difference; but the concept of the "vagrant path" really isn't in the first misra. And the concept of finding other people who are seeking the same aim or destination just like you (and not people who are joining "you", so to speak) seems important, too.


Anonymous said...

Hello congrats , Itnay accha rasalay ka Aap ne ijra kiya bohat accha laga :)

Keep it up please