Tuesday, April 26, 2005

دُعا - A Prayer for the Creative from Iqbal

ٓA post on the blog by one of our co-contributors here drew my attention to a prayer from Iqbal that seems like it is for people like us, striving to be creative despite our mainly pedestrian, vanilla lives:


I thought I would attempt my own translation:
خُدا تُجھے کسی طوفاں سے آشنا کردے
کے تیرے باحر کی موجوں مین اِزطیراب نہیں

Khuda tujhey kisee toofan se ashna kar dey,
Key terey baahar ki maujon me iztirab nahin.

(May) God make your acquaintance with a storm;
For the waves on the surface of your existence are devoid of tumult.

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