Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update on Translation: گوہر رزہ کی نظم "شامِ غریباں" ۔

In my very first post on this blog, I had mentioned a translation of an Urdu piece by Gauhar Raza that I had put on my personal blog, and had been trying to get in touch with him to submit it for his attention and maybe get his okay for. I finally got in touch with him (and his wife Shabnam Hashmi) over the last few days and got him to comment on the translation and the poem. It was gratifying to hear that he thought well of the humble effort at translation. He added:
"Though I would like the poem to be dead and irrelevant as soon as possible but since the world is not going to be peaceful in near future therefore I suppose it has some use."
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Anonymous said...

Great Reading!
I have just started a blog with a goal to provide hindi transletions of great urdu shaayree,however i would at the same time like to write the original piece in urdu scrpit alongwith urdu with an idea of getting the viewer familiarize with Urdu script.My problem is that i'm not able to post urdu scrpt typed in MS word,Could you help me with this,Please?